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Security License 

D-Class - Unarmed Security Officer


This course covers the basic information required to become a licensed unarmed security officer in Florida. Upon completion, the student will receive a "certificate of completion" and will be eligible to apply to the State of Florida for an unarmed security officer license.  The course may be divided into two separate parts, 24 hour - 3 day course, and 16 hour - 2 day course; however both parts must be complete to be eligible to apply to the State of Florida for an Unarmed Security Officer license.

$140.00 (40 hour course) includes 5 days of classroom instruction, exams and certificates

G-Class - Armed Security Officer


This course covers the training required to become a licensed Armed Security Officer in Florida.  The class covers the legal aspects of using a firearm and how a firearm is to be used.  Upon completion of this 3 day / 28 hour course the student will receive the certifications necessary to apply to the State of Florida for an Armed Security Officer license.


Gun Rental $15
ID Photo $10
Notary $10

“Items to be supplied by Student”

1.  Approved Service Sidearm
2.  Duty belt with proper holster
3.  2 – Magazines for Semi-Autos (4 magazines are preferred)
4.  1 – Speed loader for Revolvers (4 speed loaders are preferred)

All items are supplied with the $15 firearm rental through Brinks LVS.

G-License - 4-Hour Annual Re-qualification


This is the state mandated 4 hour annual re-qualification required of every Armed Security Officer.  The class entails a review of the 28 hour G-Class and range time.  On the range, just as you fired in your initial G-Class, firing will consist of three sets of 48 rounds for a total of 144 rounds.  Upon meeting the minimum score and passing the written test the security officer will be given a Certificate of Proficiency form that will be used during the license renewal process.  The security officer must use an approved service sidearm on the range and will be certified with this caliber handgun only.  Each officer is required to draw from a holster and perform speed reloading of their sidearm. Cost of class does not include range fees, firearm rental or ammunition. If the officer wishes to qualify with multiple guns during the same class, the fee is $50 per additional gun.

A firearm may be rented from Brinks LVS.  With the $15 firearm rental, a duty belt, holster and magazines or speed loaders will be provided.

*** To schedule a class please call and let us know what time works for you and we will try to accommodate your needs.

*** Receive a discount when scheduling a class with you and 3 other co-workers. ***

D & G Security and the G-Re-qualification classes are held at : Shooting Sports unless other arrangements are made with the instructor, 7811 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL  33614

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