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Specialty Firearms Training 

CWP Training

Basic Gun Safety & Pistol Marksmanship


Concealed Weapons Permit Training


This course is for any individual seeking to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Carry (CWP) Permit.

This course meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by the State of Florida allowing you to file for a CWP.

All materials, firearms, and ammunition are provided for the class. Range fees are extra.

This course is taught by a certified NRA and Licensed Florida State Firearms Instructor.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to apply for the Florida State CWP license.

 In Home Training

$400 for first 4 students

If you would prefer to learn about "Gun Safety and Pistol Marksmanship" in the comfort of your own home, this is the class for you.  This class is conducted in two parts.  Part one is held in the comfort of your home and part two is held at the range.  There is NO LIVE ammunition present during part one and plenty of it in part two.  Learn without being intimidated by a large crown of strangers.  Invite a few close friends and make it a "Pistol Party".  The class will cover everything needed to get an individual started on a fun and safety hobby of shooting and self defense.
The class will be about 2 hours in the home and then about 2 hours of range time.  Most of the firing will be with a 22 caliber revolver and semi-automatic pistol.  Once the safety basics are properly demonstrated and the marksmanship basics are learned and also demonstrated, the firing will move to larger caliber firearms for familiarization purposes.  All ammunition is provided for the class unless you wish to fire your personal gun.  Shooters must provide ammunition for their personal guns. 
The basic minimum fee of $400 for the class will cover up to 4 students with each addition student being $75.  The only additional fee will be for the actual range fee per student.

This course is taught by a licensed NRA and Florida State licensed Firearms Instructor and meets or exceeds the Florida State requirements allowing you to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit.

Specialized "Private " Firearms Training


Do you need training on your specific firearm?  Come join me for an intense 2 hour class that will teach you how to properly fire your firearm.  Revolver owners should have at least 1 speed loaders and semi-auto owners should have at least 2 magazines.  This is a fast paced class that will introduce many skills and new techniques, preparing you to continue into the "Handgun Techniques" classes.

Students are to supply both their own firearm and 200 rounds of ammunition for the same firearm.

Class fee covers, Instructor, and targets.  Range fees are extra.

You are IN CHARGE of your own

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